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Little Alison (Short film)

Written & Directed by

Steven J Jobes

Happiness' Sorrow

Created by

Steven J Jobes


My passion towards being involved in any filming project is impossible to hide.

I have experience as a 1st Assistant Director and 2nd unit Director in feature films. Along with a wide range of experience as a Director, DOP, Assistant Director, Gaffer and screenplay writer. In Short films, Student Uni projects and T.V. pilots.

I am always looking forward to sitting down and talking to film makers about up and coming projects. With excitement to my involvement with-in the project.

I am experienced with scheduling, budgeting, crew management, Children working hours, studio filming, crowds, CGI, Health & Safety, Risk assessments, Stunts, Fight Choreography, night filming, editing, Moving vehicles filming, local emergency services co-operation, location owner handling (bring on the charm) and ......

I can go on, but this is my website, so of course I am going to do everything I can to make myself sound amazing. However, in honesty, the best thing would be for us to meet, talk over the phone or Skype to discuss your project.

I believe in building a reputation of a reliable hard worker with a great deal of patients and temperament. It has always served me well.


I look forward to meeting you.


Steven J Jobes

Contact Me

I am always excited to here about any projects that you would like to consider me to be a part of. 

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